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i think our plan for this particular blog, as opposed to tumblr, is going to be more personal diary type usage, the majority of which will probably be private, for use as external memory storage.

we managed to pick up a couple of scattered subscribers during the very early days, and people are certainly welcome to read if they are already reading, but i make no promise that anything that is posted here will be of any interest to entities that are external to our little collective.

we are here primarily for therapeutic blogging, and have no real expectation of interaction.

with that in mind, i promise no judgment if any of the few people subscribing to this blog were to leave. or to simply ignore the posts, etc.

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hello again, dreamwidth!

it sure has been some time since our last post here! and so much has happened since we were last active here, too. mostly horrible things!

[tw: not really sure how to tag this] )

nice to be blogging here again!

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Hello, Dreamers!

We go by "Imaginary Girls" here. Admittedly, that is a title rather than a name, but names and identity are sort of a complex topic in the context of plurality. We generally work very hard to conceal this tiny little detail; we do have our own individual interests and pursuits and social circles, but in each of those we are expected to hold up the illusion of being a single discrete (and also discreet!) individual, and it is also somewhat important to account for the possibility that those circles might eventually collide. It would be very nice to have the option of not upholding that particular masquerade, though, as it is somewhat draining to keep up at all times.

So! This is mostly to be a therapeutic / exploratory space for us. The plan is to do some writing on incredibly personal topics that probably do not make any sense to anyone who does not live inside our head. We'll probably spend some time talking about "realness", too, and our varying experiences navigating society, which will touch on topics like transgender life, asexuality / aromanticism, plurality, mental health in general, and what it is like having a completely fabulous, if synthetic, hair colour.

Along the way, maybe we can make some new friends and learn some interesting things.

It is very nice to meet you!


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